Superhero style!

hero bobby_smlYep – I’m a superhero now! Well, Bobby Dazzler is my roller derby name, which is kind of like a superhero alias already. And my sidekick Diggle is equally fierce. The neon is important. Very important. You might say it’s the source of my powers! This is a brush pen drawing, colored in Photoshop.


wuff, wuff!


DOGS! I’m a bit obsessed with ’em. In pencil, watercolour, ink and pen, I’ve been busy doodling woofers all over the place. Here are a few of my recent canine creations in a variety of styles. Lovely little fellas.


Kids’ Portraits #3

One more portrait from last summer’s bumper crop of kids’ portraits for Christmas gifts, but this one had the distinction of being a gift for the little girl herself, rather than her parents. Mataya loves her labrador, so a special somebody commissioned this picture to brighten up Mataya’s room and help her learn to spell her own name and Tao’s.

Merge Magazine Cover & Feature Art

Life, Death and Offset Printing, published in Merge Magazine Feb 2010, colour pencil and collage

I really enjoyed creating the cover and feature illustrations for this month’s Merge magazine. The cheeky blue-heeler dog is a character close to my heart, and it was super fun cutting and fraying her stonewashed-denim shape. My four illustrations accompanied Stan Mahoney’s excellent article Life, Death and Offset Printing; a meditation on the future of the printing industry from the perspective of a city boy working on a country newspaper. I decided early on that I wanted my cover illustration to be a bit more action-packed than the standard hero-shot formula; and my internal illustrations to have a strong narrative thread connecting them. And so the two characters and their little story emerged.