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Have you noticed something different? Much as I love this site – it has served me well for over five years! – I am movin’-on-up to fancier and schmancier pastures! Please come visit me at my NEW site at my OLD address, if that makes sense: is still my home, but it’s different now! This will still be my blog / news page for a while, though – and I apologize for any confusion caused in the changeover (I think all the URLs will have changed back to when I swapped the domain mapping, blah blah blah, yes it’s all very technical and high-falutin’, thank you)

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Thank you for looking at my pictures and reading my words here – I appreciate it! I hope you like the new site, too!


Animation Showreel 2015!

Here is a sampler of my previous animation work, including explainer videos, promotional videos, an educational cartoon, TV commercial AND a sneak preview of my unreleased second independent short, Donut Gatherers!

Whale Windows

whale people 3

I have started a separate blog for my current project with Guildhouse and the SA Museum: Whale Windows

It’s a cross-platform, interactive project exploring the narrative potential of flawed human attempts to understand, and relate to, mammals as massive and seemingly ‘alien’ as whales.

I’ll be exploring the Museum’s world-class Marine Mammal collection; collaboratively generating fanciful, empathetic stories about humans and whales through workshops with kids, and then creating a  interactive display of comics, artwork and animation that playfully weaves together fact and fancy, and speculates on emotional connections between our very different species.

I’ve just had my first day exploring the amazing collection, the kids’ workshops are next week and the exhibition will be up at the Museum around July or August.

Check it out!

Whale Windows

The Wishing Well Series – Pozible cartoon

Another animation project completed and online! This time it’s a promotional cartoon for The Wishing Well Series’ crowd-funding campaign on

This is the third short animation I have made in less than 12 months and the learning curve keeps on looping upwards! I have really enjoyed the challenge and problem-solving involved in working on such diverse projects in a relatively short space of time.

For the first time, the main characters, script and general style were provided by my client, so I was entirely focused on creating the animation itself. Apart from my initial storyboard, all the art for this cartoon was drawn entirely within Photoshop with a wacom tablet, a first for me. I love pencil and paper, but the speedier digital work-flow made me a lot more efficient. Once my client and I were happy with the rough animatic, I adapted the drawing style of Poppy and Bob (originally very clean vector images) to something I could more closely replicate with my own, scratchier-textured tablet drawings, before expanding on their expressions and movements from the static source illustrations. Then I moved on to creating all the secondary characters in a consistent style, which was great fun: designing new characters is one of my favorite things! On this project I utilized and honed many of the skills I developed in my last two animation projects, as well as trying some brand-new (to me) tools; coming to know Creative Suite far better than ever before… PUPPET PIN TOOL, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!??

I also managed to sneak a little roller derby into this project… I couldn’t resist!

Eb and Flo: A Long Way to Go!


It gives me very great joy to share this video – the first animation I have ever  produced independently for a client!

Flo DropletEb Droplet







Ebenezer Droplet and his sister, Florence, travel from the clouds above the Snowy Mountains, along the Murrumbidgee River and all the way to the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area to help the community, animals and the environment.

I was contacted by Ian from Murrumbidgee Irrigation in regional New South Wales last year about creating a cartoon for their educational programs, and working on it while living in California these past many months has provided a lovely reminder of Australia: through both the local flora and fauna in the story, and the accents of Eb and Flo, whose voices – and the whole soundtrack – were provided by fantastic Adelaide musicians, The Giggly Kids!

Beginning with the client’s concept, this project was a long haul of character design; script writing; environmental research for scenery reference; commissioning the soundtrack; hand-drawing, water-coloring and scanning all the character and scenic art, and of course animation and editing. And all the while liasing online from across the Pacific! My client was very enthusiastic, flexible and committed, and for a commissioned piece I was able to enjoy a high degree of influence and creative freedom. It has been a massive learning curve, but peppered with much delight along the way.

Donut Hunters

Where do donuts come from? Why do they have holes? Kelly and her family have an answer you won’t expect…

‘Donut Hunters’ cartoon short, July 2010

This story was animated with tracing paper, felt-tip pens, and a computer.

Script, animation, voice and soundtrack by Robin Tatlow-Lord, 2010

Created for last year’s SALA Moving Image Showcase. Re-posted during update of this site 🙂

SALA Festival hijinks

The 2010 SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival starts tonight with art exhibitions of every description sprouting up all around fair Adelaide (and out in the ‘burbs and countryside too!). I am in two BIG and exciting group exhibitions:

1.The SALA Moving Image Project 2010 at Queen’s Theatre

I have written and animated a short story about where donuts come from. That’s right, they’re not some simple man-made baked treat but a mysterious flying jellyfish-like creature requiring cunning, co-operation and careful aim to hunt and prepare for your family to eat! The two-minute animation is called ‘Donut Holes #1: The Donut Hunters’ and it darn-near killed me, but taught me a lot about Adobe After Effects! You can see it here in Adelaide from tomorrow night at the  Moving Image Showcase at Queen’s Theatre, or online soon (here and through Adelaide Now I believe!)
There may be two sequels coming for this cartoon, too. So stay tuned!

And if you’re in Adelaide come down to Queen’s Theatre tomorrow night from 6 for a veritable smorgasbord of non-static artwork!

2. Schaffas 2 at Black Sheep

This is the spectacular second chapter of a unique kind of character design / sculpture project started in 2008 by two intrepid Adelaide fellas, Chris Edser and Sam Barratt. Basically a whole pile of creative folks from across the country and beyond are given a small blank wooden ‘schaffa’ (the doorknob-with-legs shown above) and free reign to craft it into whatever kind of beast or beauty they wish. Last time around I invented ‘Stacka T Warp-Speed’ (below) and this year I’ve made someone from an alternate Hogwarts universe infected by the Zombie plague… but you’ll have to wait or come to the launch to see it!