The Huffs and the Budges

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This project was a picture book commission from Family By Family

I devised, wrote and illustrated the rhyming story, following their brief of introducing the concept of family matchups to small children whose parents are interested in sharing ideas and support with a nearby family in need.

This book was heaps of fun and I enjoyed the writing time (almost) as much as the illustrating!

Read the whole book here


wuff, wuff!


DOGS! I’m a bit obsessed with ’em. In pencil, watercolour, ink and pen, I’ve been busy doodling woofers all over the place. Here are a few of my recent canine creations in a variety of styles. Lovely little fellas.


Shiloh the Pirate!

Yaaargh! Avast! Trim the mainsails! Shiver me blasted blue-barnacle-encrusted, jolly-rum-do timberoonies!

Who says no good comes of reading glossy, gossipy magazines? If I hadn’t been perusing the celebrity rumour-rags one fine day recently, I wouldn’t have been inspired by a certain pint-sized tomboy Jolie-Pitt and her pirate-themed birthday party hijinks! The fuss these magazines make of a little girl choosing natty vests instead of frilly dresses is just absurd, but I say she always looks like she’s having far more fun than little what’s-her-name Holmes-Cruise in the pointy high-heels. With a yo-ho-ho and a bottle of OJ!

Maddy’s Dilemma

Kids these days! Using the internet like they were born to it … which, I guess, some of them were. This was a commission to illustrate a scenario for an internet-decision-making resource for primary school children. The teacher would show the image and read out the scenario to their class: in this case, Maddy has already tried all the games on a ‘safe’ kids’ website, and is trying to decide whether to search for a new site without asking her Mum. After hearing the scenario the kids would discuss what they might do in Maddy’s shoes, and why. This illustration was hand-drawn and coloured with a tablet using Photoshop.


The Book Beast

‘The Book Beast’ is a playful little story I wrote last year, which is still in development. These initial illustrations were exhibited at The Reading Room – a wonderful space supported by the Renew Adelaide project.

Super Fungus Spaghetti

Recipe illustration, mixed media 2009

Here’s another illustration from my recipe book project. Initially I’d imagined the birds as rainbow lorikeets or something of their bright ilk, but then when I did a little research I realised that none of those lovely garish Aussie birds eat worms! So the ‘pasta/worm’ visual gag just wouldn’t work – or rather, it would, but with misleading dietary implications! A nectar-eater would never be tempted by spaghetti, no no no – and if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s zoological laziness*. To cut a long story short, those are Masked Lapwings stealing the spaghetti, which could really happen, i promise!

* Zoological playfulness now, that’s a different story…

Red and Yellow Soup

recipe illustration, mixed media 2009