Bonnie Adventuress!


Another card, this time for my lovely, one-of-a-kind buddy Bonnie on the occasion of her intrepid solo bike tour around New Zealand following Adelaide Roller Derby’s visit with (and victorious bout against) Auckland’s Pirate City Rollers last year. She’s an adventuress and no doubt about it!


Goofy Caricature Cards

This will be the first of a relentless slew of long-overdue updates! A couple of caricature commissions for birthday cards, for some particularly excellent personages about town. The first was for a Fashion Disaster / Op Shop themed birthday. The second, well, who can say, sometimes you take a brief in a new direction and that direction is RECEIVED WITH MUCH JOY AND HILARITY BY THE CLIENT!

Group portrait (with a guest star)

Yep, I occasionally draw adults too, in case you’d been wondering! This group portrait / caricature was commissioned by my housemate and features her workmates … and … their dream date, a certain Mr Obama! They look like they’re somewhere suitably swanky, too.

Kids’ Portraits #2

Here are some more kids’ portraits in a different style: realistic watercolour and pencil drawings with stylised backgrounds. It was particularly fun to create the bright patterns and collage flowers on Baillie’s portrait. I will be taking portrait commissions again this year: send me an email me if you’re interested in a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift!

The Book Beast

‘The Book Beast’ is a playful little story I wrote last year, which is still in development. These initial illustrations were exhibited at The Reading Room – a wonderful space supported by the Renew Adelaide project.

Merge Magazine Cover & Feature Art

Life, Death and Offset Printing, published in Merge Magazine Feb 2010, colour pencil and collage

I really enjoyed creating the cover and feature illustrations for this month’s Merge magazine. The cheeky blue-heeler dog is a character close to my heart, and it was super fun cutting and fraying her stonewashed-denim shape. My four illustrations accompanied Stan Mahoney’s excellent article Life, Death and Offset Printing; a meditation on the future of the printing industry from the perspective of a city boy working on a country newspaper. I decided early on that I wanted my cover illustration to be a bit more action-packed than the standard hero-shot formula; and my internal illustrations to have a strong narrative thread connecting them. And so the two characters and their little story emerged.