wuff, wuff!


DOGS! I’m a bit obsessed with ’em. In pencil, watercolour, ink and pen, I’ve been busy doodling woofers all over the place. Here are a few of my recent canine creations in a variety of styles. Lovely little fellas.



Super Fungus Spaghetti

Recipe illustration, mixed media 2009

Here’s another illustration from my recipe book project. Initially I’d imagined the birds as rainbow lorikeets or something of their bright ilk, but then when I did a little research I realised that none of those lovely garish Aussie birds eat worms! So the ‘pasta/worm’ visual gag just wouldn’t work – or rather, it would, but with misleading dietary implications! A nectar-eater would never be tempted by spaghetti, no no no – and if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s zoological laziness*. To cut a long story short, those are Masked Lapwings stealing the spaghetti, which could really happen, i promise!

* Zoological playfulness now, that’s a different story…

Red and Yellow Soup

recipe illustration, mixed media 2009