Comikaze: pencils down!

Well, I did it! I drew my comic from 3:20pm saturday to 3:20pm sunday with only a teensy-weensy nap. And I ended up with a 16-pager rather than a 24-pager, and the final few certainly weren’t as finished as the first couple, and I now look / feel like this:

… but that’s okay, it was a fun and rewarding ordeal, definitely worth it for the characters that emerged when the pressure was on! Go Dimby, Aga Panther and President Olgpen Rumple! 🙂


Comikaze 24-hour comics challenge

Ooh lordy! This long weekend, Comikaze 2010 is being held – the 24-hour comics challenge, and I’ve decided to enter for the first time! So, in an hour or so (hopefully) I’ll put my head down and get scribblin’ to create a 24-page comic in just 24 hours. I’ve never written and drawn such a long comic before, so I’m very anxious and excited. Plus I have no idea what it will end up being ‘about’ until I read the key words for my starting time – there are new ones announced every hour. Lucky dip plot!!

Follow my comic’s progress (and my gradual descent into deluded fatigue) here 🙂

Stocked up with snacks, I don’t wanna have to stop drawing to eat!

Snacky snack snackfoooooooods!!